Hangterra is a Malaysian company producing eco-friendly high quality bamboo product materials. We are involved in the entire cycle from seed to product, ensuring we live up to the highest standards.

And we are part of the rapidly growing global market for sustainable bamboo product raw materials, fuelled by the need to reduce CO2 emissions. Not only is bamboo an excellent crop to contribute to sustainability goals, its material properties make it highly competitive for a wide range of applications.

How we operate

As a social enterprise company, our operation benefits to the environment and local communities. Quality, innovation, sustainability and accountability are at the core of Hangterra’s values.

Sustainable plantations

All our bamboo comes from our plantations that are managed in an environmentally friendly manner. We use an abandon land , and existing bamboo forest land as our resources . Cooperating with local forestry departments and NGO’s to contribute to land rehabilitation and sustainable forest management.

Our products and activities support Conservation & Preservation efforts, providing real solutions for logging and land degradation issues. HangTerra Bamboo is an example of the Harmony between nature and human beings.


We are at the forefront of technological innovation with UNI ( UTHM ) as our research partner.

We focus on Natural fiber and sustainable building materials .

  • Premium long bamboo fiber
  • yarn and textile
  • geotextile
  • bamboo ply , laminated

"Creating the Bamboo future by invent it " ~ Hang Weng